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Our parent company, Mönig Logistik GmbH, started as a small company with regional customers in Meschede. In the meantime it is a successful international company, but one thing has remained the same: The enthusiasm for close customer contact with clients from the Hochsauerlandkreis. Because nothing can replace the feeling of trust that arises from the proximity and constant readiness of a conscientious business partner. When Mönig Logistik GmbH founded Optimondo GmbH in Meschede in 2013, it was clear from the very beginning that customer proximity was the top priority. As a full service agency in the Hochsauerland region, we take care of everything to do with marketing. We are there for you when it comes to brand awareness. Whether website or online shop, Amazon or Google, B2B or B2C – we have the right marketing strategy for all your sales channels. And we are close to you.

Our success proves us right: In the meantime, we have created over 700 websites, implemented almost 170 webshop projects and presented over 1360 search engine optimized products on Amazon! In order to remain true to our company philosophy even with a growing customer base, we have founded our second location in Arnsberg-Neheim. This makes it easier for us to cover the entire Hochsauerland region and to do justice to all our customers. For successful marketing strategies and enthusiastic customers, no effort is too much for us.

With Full Service to Brand Awareness – we know how it works

Your full service agency in Arnsberg-Neheim takes care of your marketing. Down to the last detail: We develop your website, program your online shop and ensure that your brand is seen with the latest search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. No matter what your goal is – B2B, B2C, online or offline – we develop a coherent marketing strategy that will drive your brand awareness upwards. Of course, we also program the appropriate interfaces for your ERP software so that as little work as possible remains for you. After all, you should be able to concentrate on what you do best. Your products are selling like hot cakes since we took care of your marketing? No problem, with our parent company, Mönig Logistik GmbH, the fulfillment is also done. Getting different offers and researching for suitable service providers for your purposes? This is no longer necessary, because with us you get everything you need. We know how full service works.

Google: Search engine optimization (SEO) for increased brand awareness

Successful online marketing cannot function without search engine optimization (SEO). Just if your brand is among the first results on Google, potential customers will look at what you have to offer. Optimondo GmbH as a full service agency in the Hochsauerlandkreis knows exactly how your brand can rise in Google’s ranking. We offer you a detailed SEO analysis of your brand and can then tell you exactly what needs to be changed to make your marketing a complete success. Then we place search engine optimized texts on your website or online shop – you can sit back and watch your sales increase.

Amazon SEO: Customized search engine optimization from the Hochsauerland region

Amazon now plays a role just as big for your brand awareness as Google. Amazon is used by many potential customers like an online shop with an integrated search engine – you don’t even have to take the detour via Google if you want to order via Amazon anyway. We know the difference between Google SEO and Amazon SEO very well and know both: Instead of simply transferring your search engine optimization for Google to Amazon, we take the trouble and develop a handmade Amazon SEO for you, so that your products catch the eye. Because Amazon plays by its own rules – and our SEO experts train themselves regularly to know all the rules of search engine optimization inside out.

Your optimized website – programmed in Arnsberg-Neheim

When our search engine optimization is effective, potential customers will look at how you present your brand on the Internet. Your website is the modern business card for your brand and must meet the expectations of the modern consumer. We program a website for you that convinces with modern web design, is clearly arranged and satisfies your potential customers with informative texts about your products. This is where the keywords for search engine optimization are placed – stylish and subtle. The customer will not notice anything about it, because your website offers him an informative added value – he will be glad that your website was suggested to him on Google, so he won’t miss your brand!

Your Onlineshop – modern shopping, handmade from Arnsberg-Neheim

An own onlineshop is a useful possibility to sell your products next to Amazon. However, this can only work if your online shop is state-of-the-art and in no way inferior to large providers such as Amazon in terms of clarity. We are registered partners for shopware and can program an online shop for you where shopping is fun. Your customers will be enthusiastic and will be happy to come back. Here, too, we know exactly how we can use search engine optimized content to ensure that your online shop is recommended to potential customers by Google. After all, we don’t want to deprive them of such a shopping experience!

Optimondo GmbH in Arnsberg-Neheim: More than just marketing

We take care of all aspects of your marketing – but that’s not all. After all, we want you to be able to concentrate fully on your core business. Our core business: to relieve you of everything you don’t want to do yourself. We can program interfaces for you that are individually tailored to your way of working. Instead of wasting valuable time on duplicate work, you only have to enter customer data and orders once. Your online shop, your website and your company’s ERP software will then synchronize automatically. As a registered partner for JTL, we can fulfill all your ERP needs. In addition to our Amazon SEO, we can also take over the entire Amazon fulfillment for you if you wish. We take care of the orders, shipping and possible returns. If you also need help with logistics, we work together with Mönig Logistik GmbH. This saves you time in communication as well, because we always know what our partner is doing.

If you have questions, problems or new ideas about your marketing strategy, we are always there for you. Because we are very close to you – in Arnsberg-Neheim.