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Optimondo GmbH is a subsidiary company of the logistic company Mönig Logistik GmbH – and our vision is to give full service a completely new meaning. Starting as a small company located only in Meschede, we became a international working logistic company. But that is not enough for us yet, so we went a step forward. As we wanted to offer more for our clients, we thought about how we could provide more services than shipping and logistics. That’s how we came up with the idea to take over the marketing aspects just as marketing in general, online shops and fulfilment for our clients as well.

This is how the Optimondo GmbH was founded in 2013. Clients that already successfully worked together with Mönig GmbH could benefit by the chance to outsource their marketing to a trustful partner.

And the success proved the idea right: Optimondo GmbH as a Full-Service Marketing Agency acquires a constantly growing and satisfied customer base in the district of Hochsauerlandkreis. We already programmed more than 700 websites for our clients, realized almost 170 projects related to web shops and pushed more than 1,360 products to a higher ranking on amazon.
In autumn 2018 we even opened a second location in the capital of Thuringia Erfurt to occupy a new region. Being close to our regional clients is important to us, as we can work more flexible and efficient.

Improve your brand awareness: Many platforms – but one partner

We are convinced by the principle of full service: No matter if you want to be successful on Google or Amazon or you want to improve or even create a website or online shop – we are the best choice for your brand. We have the knowledge of successful Search Engine Optimizing (SEO), we will program an appealing and costumer friendly online shop for you and we will help you immediately with any upcoming question. No matter if B2B or B2C, no matter if online or offline. We know the best marketing strategies for all distribution channels not just in southeast of North Rhine Westphalia but throughout Germany.

You can just pursue your core business while we manage your sales and marketing strategy. Instead of asking for and checking countless offers of different specified agencies, hoping you got the right partner for your expectations and needs, you will find a capable service provider in us. We will hold your back, so you can save time and money without any risks.
And if you additionally need somebody taking care about the logistic and shipping of your products the Mönig GmbH is taking over. So, your most important partners are directly connected and any task will be coordinated and fulfilled effectively so there will not be any problem in communication at all. Optimondo GmbH is the one business partner close to you: Marketing and Fulfilment based in the district of Hochsauerlandkreis.

Google: Success with Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) around Sauerland

Without an optimal ranking in google it is difficult to operate a successful brand. Google is the most important tool to inform your potential customers about your brand. Those who land on the first site of google are getting the most clicks, as the costumers trust the mainstream. We know how you will appear on the first site. After a detailed SEO analysis, we can tell you what exactly needs to be changed on your website or your online shop to climb up on Google and to improve your brand awareness. We will realize the outcome of your SEO analysis quickly and competently. So, you can observe how your company is rising in Google, just as the increase of your sales.

Amazon SEA: Contemporary Search Engine Optimizing in the Area of Meschede

Many Companies do not know yet about the importance of amazon for the own brand awareness. But amazon is used by many costumers just like a Search Engine. Why should I use google if I can order any product fast on amazon?

Costumers are searching for products on amazon, they inform themselves about the costumer reviews and the quality of the products and afterwards costumers tend to order directly on amazon. For the successful distribution of your product it is necessary to open up for the amazon market. But it will not be enough to recopy your search engine optimizing for google. Amazon has its own rules. But your partner in amazon SEO knows about those rules and criteria.

Regularly trained SEO experts are working for Optimondo GmbH, so we are aware about the newest trends and developments. We know exactly about the differences in Google Optimizing and amazon SEO. That’s why we analyse your brand presence separately and build up your working SEO Concept. Of course, we will realize your personal analysis fast and effectively through improving your product texts and the product description of your brand on amazon. Your brand will be seen on the top, but your costumers will benefit of the informational and appealing description of your products as well. You and your costumers can be sure that no questions will be left.

Your optimized website – the business card of any modern company

If we already improved the SEO for your brand presence, you can be sure that many potential clients and costumer will find your brand on google. Now your website will achieve more and more traffic.

But if your website is not fitting in today’s technical standards you will not satisfy your visitors. These days each user expects appealing web designs and user-friendly websites. Nobody likes to see websites that are too old-fashioned or built in an amateurish way.
We will program a website for you, that will satisfy by good content, structure and design. A great website is appealing your clients and informs about your products in well written texts. We will place the needed keywords for your Search Engine Optimizing in a subtle way, so the focus will always be on the added value of your readers.

Your online shop – easy shopping for pleasure

If you distribute your products on your online shop, this online shop should fit the newest technical standards. Furthermore, it needs to follow the criteria for Search Engine Optimizing and creates the perfect usability for your costumers.

Costumers have high expectations. These days, while amazon is ruling the market, no one can convince with confusing online shops. But you can instruct us to overhaul your online shop. We are experts in shop ware; hence we know what is important to create a website your visitors like to spend time on and are coming back to more frequently. And of course, we will place keywords at your online shop in an elegant way too, so your online shop can be found quickly on Google. We want nobody to miss your nicely designed online shop anyway.

Optimondo GmbH in the district of Hochsauerland – Your capable technical support

Full Service means that we take over all the time stealing tasks dealing with IT, technic and logistics. Our IT specialists know exactly what to do. So, we will not just build a website or online shop with shop ware for you. We will build strategically useful interfaces for you too, so taking care about your brand presence becomes easy for you. We will program an interface connecting your online shop or website with your regular used ERP software. So, you just need to enter data once.

With our interface you will just need to collect data like article description, costumer data or orders once and the synchronisation of all your tools will follow automatically. As a registered partner for shop ware and JTL we are able to fulfil your individual wishes to structure your daily work. Further we will not just put your products on the top of amazon, but also take care about your amazon fulfilment if you want us to. We take care about all the orders, the shipping and the possible returns. This comfort can just be created by putting together marketing and logistics. Just to offer the best to support your brand.

As a regional service provider close to you, we are supporting you anytime. No matter if you have technical problems with JTL or shop ware, or you want to improve your marketing strategy even more, or if you just have upcoming questions or the need for consultation. We are available for you any time.