Digital Distribution

Your marketing budget is not endless? Do you want your marketing strategy to be worth it?

Optimondo GmbH is the right partner for your digital sales!

In the age of the Internet, digital sales with marketing strategies for online marketing is regarded as an indispensable item in the budget planning of any company. Every start-up that wants to sell its product starts with a big marketing strategy. Companies that have not yet entered the field of online marketing take a lot of money into their hands to sell their product online. This approach is understandable: The Internet is changing faster than any previous medium and with the right nose and a little luck a brand can become world-famous overnight. But still it is not the right approach for every company to put a lot of money to increase their marketing budget and hope for a big marketing concept on the internet. Some achieve their goals with small budgets.

You want to invest money in a new marketing concept in online marketing? Talk to us and let our experts in digital sales advise you in detail!

We only sell marketing strategies that are worthwhile for your company: tailor-made, tested and guaranteed to be successful.

To ensure that a company does not fail because of an excessively large marketing budget that has not brought the desired success, cleverly applied digital sales and a realistically planned marketing strategy are important. Not every sales strategy is suitable for digital implementation. For B2B strategies and customers who tend to travel offline, a large online marketing budget may not be worth it.

Invest your money only in online marketing concepts if they are worth it! We will be happy to find out more for you. Just give us a call!

Therefore, the principle of Optimondo GmbH is: Before we start a large-scale marketing concept, which would cost your company a lot of money, we first test whether your target group actually jumps to online marketing by means of a targeted marketing measure. With our tools for measuring click numbers and Google rankings, we find out whether the strategy leads to success. And only when it is clear that the invested marketing budget will be worthwhile for your company, we start a more comprehensive marketing strategy together with you. So, you can be sure that your invested money will lead to the growth of your brand.

We don’t want to sell anything that doesn’t pay off for your business. That’s why we test whether your marketing strategy will really lead to success before you spend your money on it. Just get in touch with us!

Digital distribution is more than just online marketing. As a full service agency, we know that

Digital distribution means much more than just online marketing. In addition to a marketing strategy for the online sector that is precisely tailored to your brand, Optimondo GmbH also has every other aspect of digital sales under control. We program your websites and online shops, create the interfaces to your merchandise management system and take care of your fulfillment. We analyse exactly which digital sales measures are important for your company and take care of everything you really need. Unnecessary measures that cost you money without maximizing your profit is a no go for us.

Get in touch with us now and work together with digital sales experts on your successful brand!